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I coach my clients to practice the 3 D’s – Defer, Delegate or Delete. Can the particular activity be done later? Defer it! Can it be done by someone else? Delegate it! Does it need to be done at all? If not, consider deleting it! Posing these questions will help to keep you focused on what is truly important!

  • Clarity – developing the Vision
  • Focus – having a plan
  • Commitment – understanding the price and having the willingness to pay that price
  • Belief – believing in yourself and those around you
  • Taking action – practice Ready, Fire, Aim…

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Acres of Diamonds… you’ve read the famous story, or at least had it related to you. A farmer hears tales of diamonds and begins dreaming of vast riches. He sells his farm and hikes off over the horizon, never to be heard from again. Rumors say that years later he died destitute, never having found the diamonds he spent his life seeking. Meanwhile, the man who bought that farm found a large and “interesting looking” stone in a stream that ran through the property.

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He put the stone on his mantle where a visitor recognized the large stone as a rough diamond. It turned out to be the Hope Diamond, the largest such stone ever found. That stream bed was littered with diamonds, and the new owner became fabulously wealthy. No doubt he also lived happily ever after. But doesn’t something in that story set strangely with you? What about the guy with the burning desire and the grand vision? He ended up disappointed and broke, dying far from his family and friends. Not a happy ending. Meanwhile, the guy who just wanted to do some farming got all the riches.

  • Making a decision to do something
  • Focus is having the unwavering attention. to complete what you set out to do.
  • Nothing changes until something moves
  • Commit your decision to paper
  • Execution is the single biggest factor in achievement