Our vision:

The company aims to become a platform for virtual education through collaboration with other universities and institutions that provide virtual education, and through establishing an Arabic language institute and a virtual university with the goal of becoming a high ranking world leader in online education. We also aim to optimize human resources in accordance with the highest academic and professional qualities and meet the demands of local and world markets in various fields. Our company strives to attract the best academic and research talents and build a network where students and educators interact and maximize their potentials.


Our mission:

To provide a modern educational and training system, enabling students and trainees to actively get involved in the job market through optimization of knowledge and skills in various modern fields, and meeting the demands of local and global economy. We aim to provide world class Arabic language certification through the Institute of Arabic language, by which the level of proficiency will be measured. We also aim to be the first company to promote virtual education by means of “net marketing”, thus sharing profits with students and helping them afford the costs of education. We are committed to sharing a portion of our profits with those who are in need, regardless of ethnicity, religion or nationality, reflecting our message that all people have the right to access high quality education.


General Goals:

– Advance virtual education methods and utilizing them in various academic and professional fields, especially lifelong learning.

– Build long term relationships with our graduates and their future institutions.


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