Dear Students

Regarding the payment mechanism, there are two methods:
1. Bank transfer :
The student can transfer the fees of the Center through a bank account with the need to register the information below on the payment receipt:
• Account name (RAAED SALIM).
• IBAN: DE97733699200107416075
• Payment amount.
• The student’s (username) is the name of the student with his / her university number.
• The name of the Center (QRVS-Kempten).
• Number of items.
• Name of the card holder or student name.
• Card holder’s account number
As shown below.

2. Cash payment:
Students who wish to pay directly to the examination center when registering materials, knowing that the center is open on Saturday and Sunday only from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Important Notes:
1. In the event of payment by bank transfer, all payment receipts must be brought to the Center upon the submission of the first examination, otherwise the student will not be able to submit the examinations.
2. In the case of cash payment, you must attend the center and pay the fees not later than a week after the registration of the material or the student will not be able to submit the exams.

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