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The exam center of the Syrian Virtual University (SVU).

The exam center of the Syrian Virtual University (SVU) offers services to students residing in Germany or other European countries. 1- Established students of the SVU who were not able to complete their education and obtain their degrees. The center will allow students to take part in exams to obtain degrees at various levels. 2- Students of other Syrian universities, whether public or private can obtain the following services . Graduated students can apply to obtain further higher education at the masters level. . Students who did not complete their higher education, can apply to complete courses and credits and subsequently obtain bachelor degrees. . Students with degrees from non Syrian universities can apply to obtain equivalent Syrian degrees. . High school graduates who were not able to pursue higher education can apply to courses to obtain bachelor degrees regardless of the high school completion date. SVU is recognized, public Syrian university and degrees issued by the SVU are verified and authenticated by the Syrian ministry of higher education. For more information you can connect with us through this website or via email at